Email Marketing

The affordable way to send a commercial message directly to a targeted audience and potential client who would be interested in the product or service you are offering. Email marketing is also a powerful way for non-profit organization, political candidates and political action committees (PAC) to market themselves and enable them to receive online contributions. The interested viewer will obviously be directed over to your website.
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Video Marketing

A new avenue for Internet marketing in which GlobeX creates 15 – 60 second video clips about specific topics concerning the main points of your business. The videos are then tied to keyword phrases for optimization and search engine placement.  The clips can then be utilized on social media portals and embedded in emails to gain branding exposure and to drive traffic back to your website where you close the sale.
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Reputation/Corporate Branding

The marriage of Reputation Management and Corporate Branding is essential in the success and future of your business. Your company’s brand is socially connected to the world almost immediately in real-time with consumers posting online reviews and stating their experience with your company and/or product on the various social media portals, blogs and directories. More and more searches are being conducted to view one’s reputation before doing business with that company. A good online reputation is critical in driving more traffic to your website.
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Graphic Design for Print & Web
GlobeX specializes in generating creative artwork for all your print and/or web requirements

Logo and Label Design
GlobeX designs hot and attractive looking graphical logos, seals, emblems and labels. The key is determining the image you are looking to portray and establishing it into the logo, making it unique to your business, product or service.

Website Design & Hosting
GlobeX has award winning websites and develops affordable yet attractive marketing websites. Key to the design is the ease of navigation, quality artwork, and programming code that works. 

WordPress Sites & Blogs
GlobeX likes working with WordPress, an open source template website program that allows us to modify and customize the template into a unique look and feel which specifically ties to your corporate branding. The sites are a great blogging tool, is connected to a content management system (CMS), programmed in PHP and tied to a MySQL database. There are many add-on modules that can be integrated into the website which allows you a much reduced rate over having GlobeX build everything from scratch.  We will do the architecture and development of a website from scratch if you prefer not to use WordPress.   All of our websites are mobile responsive. 

PHP Programming
GlobeX prefers to program and develop in PHP, although if required will work in .ASP & .NET. PHP is a type of open source programming code used in developing websites. PHP is often used in place of HTML. Originally it stood for “Personal Home Page,” now however it stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor.” Not sure what happened to the first “P.”  

Internet Based Application Software
GlobeX programmers develop software that is specific to your industry and business practices and is written as an application to simplify your business practices or eliminate paper work altogether and thus create a paperless office as a result, i.e. tracking sales, tracking inventory, tracking field reps activities, tracking cost analysis, etc.

Database Architecture & Integration
GlobeX’s approach to designing databases is first by knowing the relationships between the different data fields and then superimposing a logical structure upon that data based on their relationship to each other. Once in place, then code can be written to pull required raw data and/or calculated data from the database to be viewed privately through a browser or publicly over the Internet.

Mobile Apps
Globe will develop industry specific application software or some app you have an idea for that will run on low-power handheld devices such as mobile phones. The app can either be pre-installed or downloaded with a web browser.

GlobeX photographers for website photos i.e. your facility, products for sale, menu items, activities, etc.  

GlobeX videographers will set up for filming video clips for use in marketing and branding videos

Copy Writing
GlobeX realizes that the body text must be in line with the SEO and SEM, therefore the importance of the content message is of utmost importance. Our specialists will create or rework existing text to meet the Search Engine’s expectations for maximum optimization while at the same time have your text moving the viewer closer to the objective you are wanting the viewer to experience.

Voice Overs
Having the right voice on your video commercials is important – GlobeX has the voice for you.

Slogans, Tag Lines, & Jingles
GlobeX has the talent to match up the right words that will flow for your company or group

Outsourcing Services
GlobeX often wears the hat of other companies – If you offer the same services as we do or would like to, but do not have the resources to accomplish them, then we are at your service. We can wear your hat and name-tag and preform the service requirements to exceed your expectations, make you the hero with the client and the client will never know we even exist.

Internet Marketing Consulting Services
GlobeX will work with your team in whatever capacity you need us to work in. We can either do it all or do it in part as a compliment to your team.