Social Media

Drive traffic to your website via social media networking

There is no doubt that social marketing services are on many peoples’ minds these days as they try to figure out how to use it to benefit their company or brand. But what exactly are social marketing services and which ones are right for your company and brand?  Hopefully, this will give you some ideas as to what the different types of social media are and how you might use them most effectively.

The major types of social media being used are bookmarking sites, social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, and of course blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger. In addition to these, video sites like YouTube are very popular and are growing in their reach. Let’s take a closer look at some of the social marketing services just listed that you will find offered by an established interactive marketing agency.

Social Marketing Services Including Bookmarking Sites

One of the easiest to start and potentially one of the most effective social marketing services is through bookmarking sites. Here is a list of just a few: Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and literally over 200 more. These bookmarking sites allow users to index a page they like while browsing the Internet. The pages are indexed within their own accounts at the bookmark sites, so it provides an easy way to keep track of all your bookmarked locations whether or not you are at your own computer. Furthermore, these bookmarked sites can be viewed by others within the company you use for bookmarking. Some, such as Digg, allow users to vote on a bookmarked page. The more votes, the higher that page moves toward the top of the Digg list, which will show that page on the Digg front page. This is valuable because it provides the content of the bookmarked page to literally thousands of users. A great article, photo, video, etc. can get passed around between users hundreds of times, which provides great exposure for the page, and the company behind the page if there is one. That is the basic premise behind why social marketing services include social bookmarking. It works, and can really increase exposure. Continually, this exposure happens because of great content, videos, photos, etc. Bad articles or poorly written pages will not produce.

Social Marketing Services Including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook and Twitter seem to be going hand-in-hand these days.  LinkedIn is geared more to business to business but also interfaces with Facebook and Twitter.  The reason that these social media networks have risen to the top of the field is because they are both relatively easy to use. Facebook allows users to add profiles for themselves, and they can create fan pages for businesses, non-profits, ministries, etc. Friends access their profiles and can become “friends” in Facebook. This allows users to build up a large Facebook “friends” list. On the Facebook wall, you can add all types of information, from what you are doing at the moment, to information about your company, special offers, etc. However, it is not a place set up for marketing, so any marketing that is done should be very low key. This will prevent your friends from blocking you. One thing that seems to be very true in Facebook is that friends are typically friends. Followers to your profile are typically not people you don’t know, and typically, you don’t follow people you don’t know either. It seems to be truly a place for friends to connect.

Twitter is a little different. In Twitter, you are only allowed to enter 140 characters of text for each post you make. This is limiting, but it is also to the point. Many people do try to use Twitter for marketing, and if done right, and low key, it works great. However, any outright obvious effort is often looked down upon by other Twitter users. The thing that is interesting in Twitter is that you will get many more followers that you do not know than typical in Facebook. It is very common to both follow and follow others within Twitter whom you have no interaction with. People in Twitter become followers for many reasons, mainly they have a shared interest with you. However, if you work at it for some time, it is possible to gain a Twitter following of hundreds and thousands of people. From a social marketing point of view, this is great. It allows you to offer these followers something for free, like an article, new video you just put up, etc. If the followers go to your website as a result of a Twitter post, then you have the opportunity to get them on an email list, or even to sell something from your site. The social marketing services you find in Facebook and Twitter are very tangible, but it really develops from the “friend” component in Facebook and the “similar interest” component in Twitter.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 200 million members in 200 countries and territories around the globe.  They connect the world’s professionals, making them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you excel at whatever industry you may be in.

Social Marketing Services Through Blogs

Blogs have been around for several years, yet they are still a very popular way to keep clients, prospective clients, and friends up-to-date on the latest happenings, including soft marketing opportunities. Some blogs also do quite well in search engine rankings, so your blog pages can have the potential to become decent SEO pages as well. WordPress and Blogger are two very popular blogs right now. For many companies, blogs have been used successfully for marketing, but in an indirect way. Often, blogs are used to provide clients and prospective clients/customers with free advice, helpful hints, instructions, etc. Companies increase their social marketing capabilities by providing something tangible to clients and customers without fees attached. Giving something away goes a long way in retaining client/customer loyalty. Blogs are a great way to do this, and many companies are doing just that.

Social Marketing Services Using YouTube

YouTube has been an incredible success. It allows anyone the ability to upload content on virtually any topic. Other video sites exist, but YouTube holds the number one place in the market at this time. Social marketing possibilities through YouTube are incredible. For instance, an owner of a business makes a type of musical instrument. Often, it could be difficult to get people to know his instrument even exists. However, using YouTube effectively, and positioning his videos correctly using several SEO techniques, he can increase visitors to his videos of his new instrument and to his site to learn more. Without this video delivery system, it is much more difficult to get people to the site, because they don’t know it exists. Used effectively, YouTube provides tremendous social marketing opportunities.

The Benefits of Social Marketing Services to Your Company and Brand

Used correctly, all of the social media sites mentioned here can bring tremendous traffic to your web site and also the opportunity to build a loyal following. When social marketing services are done right, there is the potential to boost your web presence and brand awareness far greater than many other forms of advertising and marketing. The key is to have an experienced interactive marketing agency on your side to accomplish those objectives.