Video Marketing

Video Marketing is taking the Internet content world by storm.  Short 15 – 120 second videos tied to a specific key word phrases and submitted to the various video and content search engines, together with posting on the various social media portal are powerful tools for directing traffic over to your website where you can tell the full story.  We offer script writing, videography, production & editing, with or without voice overs.

Statistics show that people conducting a search on a company, product, service, or given subject would rather view a video that describes and demonstrates it rather than read about it.  Having a video also helps with Search Engine Optimization and placement within the search engine’s organic listings.  Multiple short videos have proven to be more effective in grabbing the attention of the viewer.  With a shorter video, it is easier to focus the emphasis on a specific feature and/or benefit.  Then we can identify the most effective set of key word phrases to use for search engine optimization (SEO).  It becomes much easier to refine the focus and hone in on the target.  One single long video is ideal to have on the website for the viewer looking for the full story.  But for marketing, the short videos will identify and press those hot-buttons of the viewer and hook them so you can reel them in and land then on your website where you can close the deal.

Globex Branding also produces the longer videos for documentaries, commercials, product introductions, product repair manuals, sales seminars, musical videos, how-to-do videos, etc.  B

You can use Video Marketing for your business in multiple areas over the Internet:

      • On your website
      • On email marketing landing pages
      • Facebook Page
      • Google Plus Page
      • Google Places
      • Yahoo Small Business Directory
      • Your own YouTube or Vimeo account page
      • Your blog
      • and even on local or national TV spots

Six out of ten say online video ads are more effective than the ads delivered on television.  An internet ad can gain an immediate response to a “call to action” request through the mere click of a mouse.  You have created a captured audience who has searched you out and is interested further in what you have to say.  At this point it is up to you to go ahead and close the sale.

View Some Sample Videos

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