Strategy Consulting

Why you may ask is a marketing strategy is needed before the website is even built?  The design is instrumental in who potential clients will feel and what they will experience once they are on your site. One can not limit a strategy to a simple solution and assume that what works for one client will work for all. So first things first, we need to sit down and establish your objective for having a website and how you want it to work for you.  It doesn’t matter where you are at, as the Internet has cause the east to meet the west and the north to meet the south and we all meet online.  We’ve been honing in on our skill set as we’ve kept up with Internet technology since our beginnings in 1993. That was back when we were all on 14.4k dial up modems listing the the little beep beep beep before getting connected. You couldn’t hardly upload a photograph without choking the server. Everyone I approached and tried to sell a website to, responded with “The Internet! It’s just a fad, it will be gone tomorrow.” Those were extremely challenge days, but now with years of experience and constantly updating our skill set, we are a highly diversified team ready to go to work for you. We’ve worked around the word with clients such as a design group in Milan, Italy, various distributors & import/exporter’s in South Africa, Vietnam, Greece, Guinea, Kenya, Mexico, Argentina, Lebanon, Israel, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and others as well. That list does not however, include our work on the homeland such as surfboard companies in Hawaii, skateboard companies in California and Florida, Recording Studio in Bolder, Colorado, American Legion Posts in Kentucky, Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona and of coarse California, Car/RV Dealerships in Oregon and Washington, Financial Institutions & Real Estate Companies in New York, Salt Lake, California and Chicago, a Casino in Nevada, and numerous other projects which also includes various political candidates, non-profits, churches, local businesses, etc.  So enough of me telling you how old I am, lets get down to business and find out why you are looking at this page.   

Regardless of whether you are looking for your site to just be a glorified business card, or an eCommerce portal connected to a custom app and interactive database that will allow you to retire as the next billionaire: we need to talk.  If those are your goals or your aspirations happen to be something in between, then the strategy for making a website work for you will vary greatly.  That is exactly what a website is to do, work for you. It can be as diversified as offering paperless solutions for your business office, becoming a magnet to attract new clients, establishing a satellite storefront, giving you a competitive edge over larger corporations, offering ordering conveniences for your clients, reducing your employee numbers, lowering your overhead and much, much more.  But building a website by itself with no game plan and expecting positive results is a fantasy. There are as many websites out there as stars in the universe.  The question to ask is how does one get the foot traffic to the front door?  The primary challenge is, there are only 10 organic listings on Google or the other search engines so how do you get there and found? The listings at the top in color and the ones on the right side are ones people pay for at an exurbanite price tag. The number tallies up each time someone clicks on the ad.   

So if you have questions, we have answers; let’s talk.